Russian Dating Etiquette - How to become interested in Russian dating?

How to become a topic you are interested in Russian dating? Maybe you have with online dating in Russia and curious long distance relationship, ask a lovely Russian girl. You just Russia, who is trying to find a better way to meet other Russian. Whatever your story, you will find some answers here.

Russia Traditional

If you are deeply involved in understanding the Russian acquaintances, the Soviet people, their culture, traditions and important process. Russia's tradition is more important than their laws. When the appointment, to learn Russian traditional roles of men and women is very important. Even if your date has moved to a more modern look, remember some of his or her family can not give up their traditions.

Traditional Males

Russians traditionally consider themselves superior to women. Historically, in the Russian families, women must meet their people, to take care of children, and perform all the housework. Conversely, men are usually very brave woman in his life - and eloquent compliment particularly tricky, holding flowers, and shower attachment.

Traditional Female

Under normal circumstances, the Russian women raised this attitude is their hard work and the ability to take care of their men and children proud. They are powerful, loving, hard-working, and women who also want to become a female and attractive. Traditional Russian women want to marry quickly, because single women are often looked down upon and compassion.


As a people, the Russian people standing close to each other, and speak softly while talking. They often touch and see this as a symbol of friendship incidental contact during a conversation. Kissing is particularly widespread and frequent occurrence of friends, including between same sex. Russia is known to be opinionated and emotional, especially if they interact with friends, business partners and enthusiasts.

Russian Orthodox religion

For many Russians, religion provides a powerful influence. Russian Orthodox Church is the most common worship, but also other religions common in their culture.
Under normal circumstances, going to church, especially in the fashion of many Russians. Trinity Orthodox worship, ISUS Cristo (Jesus), Mary (the Virgin Mary), and numerous saints. Every saint has a different task, and in accordance with the needs of the faithful, and they pray every time different.

Visiting Russian Orthodox service is a real window into their culture. If you decide to visit a church and not a full member, follow these tips:

  • Never put your hand or put his hands in his pockets
  • No photos or video allowed
  • Do not wear shorts or T-shirts
  • Women should wear modest dresses or skirts, trousers forever
  • Men should not wear a hat

Tips for Russian Interactions

Even if you are, it might be good to remember the following Russian traditions - as you may encounter different origin dating experience in Russia.

  • Russia is known to be some of the world's most serious social drink vodka.
  • Politics, as a rule, is considered the man to discuss only one topic.
  • Russian culture fashionable clothes is important.
  • In Russia, do not let strangers on the street eye contact or acknowledge each other.
  • Russia conceal all the noise of the body, avoid talking about bodily functions.
  • It is considered rude to sit on the ground or whistling in the room.
  • Culture is very superstitious group - so do not let your date is even a flower, because it will bring her luck.
  • When invited, especially the first time, always bring a hostess gift.
  • In social situations, waiting for toast, before you start drinking.
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